12 Reasons Sugar Is Bad for You

Most sugars begin in a very natural state and aren’t bad in their natural and most whole form until they undergo super-processing.
It’s the super-processing that’s bad for you because it makes natural sugars into highly addictive drug-like substances. Read on to learn the 12 reasons sugar is bad for you. READ MORE HERE

longevity spinach

19 Health Benefits of Longevity Spinach

What is longevity Spinach?

Longevity spinach is commonly known as ‘Longevity green’  and it’s mostly found in China, Africa, and Southeastern Asia. Gynura leaves can grow up to  20cm long and 10cm wide. Studies have shown that Gynura procumbens or ‘longevity spinach’ has a great number of health benefits. READ MORE HERE


10 Early Signs Of kidney Disease

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs found in your body. They are located on either side of your spine, below your ribs, and behind your stomach. Each kidney is about 4 to 5 inches long. READ MORE HERE

health benefits of amaranth

5 Amazing Ancient Grains And Their Health Benefits


Ancient grains have been found in tombs and other archaeological sites around the world. However, they still grow today around you and provide many health benefits. It’s easy to add ancient grains to your diet to strengthen your health. READ MORE HERE


7 Dangerous Side Effects and Warnings of Chicory

Chicory is perceived to be likely safe for most adults when consumed in moderate amounts present in food.

The plant is possibly safe for most adults when ingested by mouth in medicinal quantities. This article highlights 7 side effects and warnings of chicory. Read on to learn more. READ MORE HERE