longevity spinach

19 Health Benefits of Longevity Spinach

What is longevity Spinach?

Longevity spinach is commonly known as ‘Longevity green’  and it’s mostly found in China, Africa, and Southeastern Asia. Gynura leaves can grow up to  20cm long and 10cm wide. Studies have shown that Gynura procumbens or ‘longevity spinach’ has a great number of health benefits. READ MORE HERE

Diabetic Living: How To Read Labels Rightly

How to read labels rightly when shopping for groceries

A very important part of planning meals as a diabetic is going to the grocery store and buying the ingredients you have planned to eat. You may think “ I have been doing the family food shopping for a long time. I know everything about the store and there is nothing you can tell me about how to shop”. READ MORE HERE