12 Important Health Reasons You Should Avoid Eating Too Much Sugar

12 reasons sugar is bad for you

Most sugars begin in a very natural state and aren’t bad in their natural and most whole form until they undergo super-processing.
It’s the super-processing that’s bad for you because it makes natural sugars into highly addictive drug-like substances. Read on to learn the 12 Important Health Reasons You Should Avoid Eating Too Much Sugar.

12 Reasons Sugar Is Bad for You

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons sugar is thought to be bad for you.

A lot of people believe it’s one of the worst things you can introduce to your system, even above fat.

Your Immune System

If you eat too much-processed sugar you can reduce your body’s ability to fight germs. This doesn’t take much, either.
Just two sodas can stop the ability to fight off that flu bug and can lead to you falling ill.
However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get vaccines if you don’t eat sugar, but when it comes to health as well as dental health, avoiding added sugar can boost your immunity exponentially.

Mineral Balance

If you are experiencing trouble sleeping at night, constipation, and other issues, you could be having trouble with your mineral balance.
When you eat a lot of sugar, you are likely depleting your magnesium stores needed to process all of it and you also will lose more chromium through your urine if you eat a lot of sugar.

Behavior Problems

Almost all parents around the world will tell you that sugar and lack of sugar can affect their child’s behavior.
When your child is hungry and their blood sugar is low, they will be sleepy and grumpy.
An overdose of sugar can make your child agitated and animated.
The best key to better behavior is blood sugar balance.

Empty Calories

The real truth is, processed sugar has no health benefits whatsoever. Therefore, when you consume sugary meals, you’re eating empty calories that will cause weight gain.
Because sugar is often combined with fat and salt, this makes the effects even worse. It’s advisable to avoid added sugar as much as you can.

Elevated Insulin Responses

When your insulin level is normal, your cells will release the right amount of insulin.
But, if you regularly consume a high amount of sugar, especially in “overdose” amounts, this will distort your body about when to release insulin and when not to.

Damages Cells and Tissues

A high amount of sugar in your body can damage your tissues, organ, or nerves. Damage can affect your eyes, kidneys, nerves, and small blood vessels.

Causes High Blood Triglyceride Levels

Most often, there are no symptoms of high blood triglyceride levels. The only way you can know if you have high triglycerides is by getting a blood test.
This is usually part of your overall cholesterol test.

Contributes to Hyperactivity

Several studies have shown both results – Sugar does cause hyperactivity and sugar don’t cause it.
You must remember that the effects of a drug can vary from person to person in different ways. But, most parents often report problems associated with hyperactivity in their child after consuming too much sugar. You can’t ignore is a possibility.


Refined or processed sugars enter the bloodstream quickly and also leave the bloodstream quickly. This process can manifest in more anxiety overall.
Several people who are addicted to sugar often eat to suppress anxiety, this habit just makes the problem much worse. It’s best to avoid added sugars in the first place.

Poor Concentration

A reason sugar may affect concentration is because of the speed by which processed sugar can invade blood cells and then leave them.
You should ensure to balance the level of glucose to feed your brain, not short bursts of sugar such as in the form of soft drinks or cereal. All these are harmful to your health.

Feeds Some Cancers

Numerous studies have been carried out to show the effect of sugar on cancer cells. Cancer cells love sugar, just like most living things they need sugar to proliferate. But, not all sugars are created equal.
Some examples of sugars cancer cells love include; white sugar, white flour, and high fructose corn syrup.
You can cut your cancer risks if you simply reduce your consumption of processed sugar,

Poor Digestion

Refined or processed sugars are very acidic. The more alkaline your body makes can make, the healthier you’ll become.
An acidic stomach can make you suffer from heartburn, GERD, and other digestion problems. It’s best to observe your own symptoms and health issues and if you have any of these problems, try eliminating processed sugar first to see if you notice any changes in your health.