Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive disease such as demyelinating. It affects the motor and sensory neurons. This disease (Multiple sclerosis) affects your central nervous system by attacking myelin, which is the protective layer around nerve fibers.

This effect causes inflammation and scar tissue, or lesions and makes it hard for your brain to send signals to the rest of your body. The also disease causes cycles of remission, which makes the condition worsen.

Read on to learn more about ” Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis”. An exacerbation of Multiple sclerosis results in the disease.


The cause at this time may not be clear. But some experts believe viral infections and autoimmune disease plays a part in Multiple Sclerosis cause.

How Multiple Sclerosis cause back pain

Multiple sclerosis disease can also cause back pain. The spread of demyelination affects the brain, as well as the spinal cord.

Once these areas are affected degeneration process begins.  The myelin sheath is then targeted (Nerves that insulate the layers of cells). This effect causes a string of patches of sclerotic tissues.

The patches then impair the conduction which reaches the “motor nerve impulses.”

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis may present with one or more of the following symptoms.

The symptoms include:

  1. Ataxia
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Weakness
  4. Heat intolerance
  5. Nystagmus
  6. Sensation impairment
  7. Speech scan
  8. Diplopia
  9. Optic neuritis
  10. Paresthesia
  11. Tremor intentions
  12. Euphoria sensations
  13. Paralysis
  14. Incontinence urine
  15. Inability to feel or measure the pose of the body.
  16. Sexual dysfunction
  17. Anxiety and depression
  18. constipation
  19. diarrhea
  20. reflux
  21. fatigue

What is ataxia?

Ataxia is the inability to control your muscle’s coordination or movement.

What is nystagmus?

Nystagmus is the involuntary movement of the eyes. It is a  rhythmical move from side to side. Nystagmus occurs because the disease affects the nerves and muscles behind the eyeball.

What is diplopia?

Diplopia means double vision. Double vision results from the lack of coordination of eye movement.

Optic neuritis also affects the eyes.

But, doctors use MRI tests, EMG, CSF, CT, Oligoclonal banding, and so on if multiple sclerosis is present.

Medical management after a complete test has been done may be considered if the immunoglobulin G (IgG) and protein are at high levels.

A presence of Atrophy, when spotted under MRI tests, will start medical management as well. Note that medical management varies from patient to patient.

Back pain is a common condition.

According to statistics, a large proportion of people suffer some degree of back pain.

Some people go through the pain, yet with no history of sustained injuries. Others may experience pain from injuries, and feel how horrible the pain can become.

When considering back pain you must ask the following questions;

  • What causes pain?
  • What worsens the pain?
  • How can I control the pain?
  • What self-care prevention strategies can I use to ease back pain?
  • What treatments are available to me?

Back pain can occur from feet conditions, such as swelling, heel pain, burning soles, battered ligaments, and etc.

Sports injuries, car accidents, inappropriate bending, and lifting are also all related to back pain.

In fact, many medical conditions cause back pain, including multiple sclerosis or edema.

Due to the complexity of back pain, you should equip yourself with adequate knowledge.

Good knowledge of the spine structure and what happens when there is an injury is very vital.

How to Relieve Back pain

Having back pain can affect your daily living activities as well as your mental state. You can eliminate such stress in your lives.

Medical treatment initiated when Multiple Sclerosis is present  include;

  • diet
  • controlled exercise
  • speech therapy
  • physical therapy
  • increased fluid intake
  • medication
  • Muscle relaxants

Your doctor may recommend you take Maalox. Maalox contains magnesium and aluminum hydroxide.

These are vital for muscle and joint health in the muscles. Maalox acts as a substitute when there is a lack or decreased level of these nutrients.