5 Ways to Rehydrate Your Body Quickly

rehydrate your body quick

Rehydration is very important when you do any activity that causes you to sweat. These activities may include yoga, intense workout, exercise, or sauna sessions.

Keeping your body rehydrated will help prevent the damage caused by dehydration if you are recovering from flu or excessive drinking of alcohol.

This article discusses “5 best ways to rehydrate your body quickly


What is Dehydration?

Dehydration is a condition that can occur when the number of body fluids lost, mostly water, exceeds the amount that is taken in. 

When you are dehydrated, the amount of water moving out of your cells, and then your body is more than the amount of water that is taken in through drinking. 

Medically, dehydration simply means a person has lost enough fluid which affects the ability of the body to function normally. 

This effect begins to produce symptoms related to fluid loss. However, infants and children are at the highest risk for dehydration.

A lot of adults especially the elderly and people with medical conditions such as kidney and diabetes disease have significant risk factors.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration

Every part of your bodies such as your cells, tissues, and organs requires water to function properly.

Below are some vital ways water helps your body:

  • Regulate body temperature
  • Transport nutrients
  • Lubricate joints
  • Remove waste
  • Circulate blood

Symptoms of dehydration

Below are some signs and symptoms of dehydration;

  1. increased  thirst
  2. dry  mouth
  3. infrequent  urination
  4. dry  skin
  5. tiredness
  6. dizziness
  7. headache

Urine color

The change in urine color is a common indicator of your hydration state.

Generally, a pale urine color indicates you are better hydrated. 

Although,  your urine color can change for several reasons other than your hydration status.

These may result from your diet, use of certain medications, and some medical conditions.

Recent studies show that urine color is a  valid indicator of hydration in children and young adults but not in older adults.

5 best ways to rehydrate your body quickly

1) Water

Drinking water is most often the cheapest and best way to stay hydrated and rehydrated.

Water does not contain added sugars or calories, unlike most beverages. This makes it an ideal drink for your body when you need to rehydrate after stressful activity or workout.

However, due to genetic makeup, some people lose more sodium than others during sweating.

This group of individuals is referred to as a” salty sweater”. They often experience frequent muscle cramps when exercising or sweat stings in the eyes.

If you are a salty sweater ensure you replace your fluid and sodium especially after an intense workout or exercise environment.

You can also replace the sodium lost through sweating via a balanced diet if you are a salty sweater.


2) Coffee  and tea

Coffee and tea contain the stimulant caffeine,  which when consumed in excess can be transiently dehydrating.

It acts as a diuretic. However, drinking moderate amounts of coffee and tea have similar hydrating properties as water.

The caffeine content also serves as an energizing substitute.

Caffeine can cause a dehydrating effect only in doses of about  250–300 mg, the equivalent of 240-ml cups of coffee, or 240-ml  cups of tea.

If you don’t like these beverages plain,  try adding unsweetened almond milk to your coffee,  or herbs and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or lemongrass to your tea.

3) Skim  and low-fat milk

Apart from supplying a  host of nutrients, milk has tremendous hydrating properties.

Milk naturally contains a high amount of electrolytes. These help balance the amount of water in your body.

Current research has shown that skim and low-fat milk rehydrate you as well as popular sports drinks after intense exercise.

They also provide protein and other important nutrients that nourish your body.

Consuming high-quality protein in milk also makes it a perfect post-exercise beverage for kick-starting muscle repair and rebuilding.

Remember that consuming milk after exercise may cause stomach discomfort like bloating.  This is not an appropriate option for people who have lactose intolerance or a milk protein allergy.

4) Fruits  and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables make for a  perfect hydrating snack because they contain about eighty to ninety-nine percent water.

Highly processed foods like cookies,  crackers, cereals, and chips only contain about one to nine percent water.

Some fruits and vegetables with the highest water content include; berries, melons, oranges, grapes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, spinach.

Do you know that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as their fresh counterparts? 

In some cases,  they’re more nutritious and yummy!. Why not Stock up your fridge on a  variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

And do not forget to keep cubed watermelon in your fridge for easy and convenient access.

Eating your fresh fruits and vegetables may take days or weeks. During that time it might have lost its nutrients due to oxidation.

alternatively,  frozen fruits and vegetables are frozen shortly after harvesting. this process helps it retain most of its nutrients.

For  example,  a study showed  that frozen green  beans and blueberries  contained more vitamin C  than their fresh counterparts  

You may also try making a  hydrating, nutrient-packed smoothie by mixing your favorite fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables in a  blender along with milk or Greek yogurt.

5) Oral  hydration  solutions

Oral hydration solutions are specialized fluid replacement formulas used to prevent and treat dehydration, especially caused by diarrhea or vomiting.

These solutions are water-based containing electrolytes such as sodium,  chloride, and potassium, as well as sugar. 

Some commercial solutions may contain other ingredients like prebiotics and zinc.

While these rehydration drinks help replace lost fluids and electrolytes,  they can be expensive.

Fortunately,  you can prepare your own solution using these common kitchen ingredients.

  • One liter of  water
  • Six  teaspoons  of sugar
  • Half  teaspoon  of salt

Add and mix them in a  large bowl or pot and stir until the sugar and salt dissolve. 


Dehydration occurs when the amount of fluid your body loses is more than it takes in. For the majority of people,  drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated and rehydrate the body quickly.

Other rehydration options include coffee,  tea, milk, fruits, vegetables, and oral hydration solutions.

If you are concerned about your or someone’s hydration status, don’t hesitate to speak to your healthcare provider.

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