8 Amazing Health Benefits of Plant-Based Diet

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Are you considering adding plant-based meals into your diet repertoire this New Year? Plant-based diets are now considered to be one of the biggest, upcoming food trends this New Year. 

The surge in popularity of plant-based diets has been on the rise in recent times now. These “8 Amazing Health Benefits of plant-based diet” will enlighten you on the benefit of joining the plant-based based movement or incorporating more plant-based meals into your everyday eating habits.

These are not New Year’s resolution diets. The plant-based diet is not new in any sense but erupted from a niche industry, which normally targets vegetarians and vegans, into a mainstream lifestyle, targeting the general population.

#1. Improve Your Digestion

plant based diet fiber rich

Plants are incredible because they’re naturally full of fiber which is a key to good digestion.

Fiber helps increase the bulkiness of your stool. Always remember to go slow with your fiber intake if you are new to this diet.

#2. Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease

plant based diet heart disease

Research studies have shown that people with diets that are full of meat, dairy, and processed foods have a higher risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

On the other hand, Plant-based eaters, have been shown to have the opposite effects.

However, people who have been on plant-based diets reported lower cases of many common chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer (colon cancer), Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

 So if you’re concerned about chronic disease or have a family history, converting to a plant-based diet is definitely a good idea. (source)

#3. Naturally, Boost Your Energy

plant based diet energy

Plants contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals which are amazing for energy.

 Plants are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and oftentimes healthy fats and protein, all of which are amazing for your brain and mood. 

Because plants are also easier to digest, it gives your body extra energy to spend. Plant-based foods are also great for performance.

#4. Get Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails

plant based diet skin

What you put into your body is what shows on the outside. Plants are so rich in vitamins and minerals; they’re particularly amazing for your skin.

However, going vegan isn’t going to clear up your skin miraculously. Potentially, it might take some time. You just need to be patient.

#5. Lose Weight Effortlessly

plant based diet weightloss

Have you wondered why people recommend you eat fruits, veggies, and whole grains to lose weight?

This is because we know they are more nutrient-dense than processed foods. Nevertheless, plant-based foods also have a lower calorie-to-volume ratio.

You are likely to experience better weight management if you consume a whole food plant-based diet ( low in fats and processed sugar). 

Consuming food high in raw, clean whole foods may improve your chances of losing weight even more, even though cooked foods may help with nutrient absorption. 

Weight loss can occur naturally when you consume more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than you do animal fats and proteins.

#6. Lower Blood Pressure

plant based diet lower blood pressure

The majority of people living a plant-based diet usually have lower blood pressure due to a higher intake of potassium-rich foods.

Potassium aids in lower blood pressure that leads to stress and anxiety.

Most whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and all fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of potassium and Vitamin B6 which also helps lower blood pressure. 

Meat and a lot of animal foods contain little to no potassium and these really raise blood pressure and cholesterol.

This study review presents evidence suggestive of a plant-based diet being a valuable tool in atrial fibrillation risk factor management. The effects of a plant-based diet on both established and emerging risk factors, such as inflammation and subclinical atherosclerosis, are reviewed in this article.

A special focus was put on cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors including hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and obesity (source).

#7. Lower Cholesterol

The main benefits you’ll receive from embracing plant-based foods its ability  to lower cholesterol

A lot of people don’t know that plants contain NO cholesterol, even saturated sources like coconut and cacao. 


A plant-based diet is one of the simplest ways to lower cholesterol. Plant foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds can actually lower rates of cholesterol and heart disease. 

#8. Support the Environment 

Eating a plant-based diet is probably one of the single best things you can do for the planet.

If you eat a plant-based diet every single day you’d be;

  • saving 1,100 gallons of water per day
  • 30 square feet of forest,
  • 10 pounds of CO2 emissions
  • and one animal. 

Yes, every single day…


My best advice for transitioning to a plant-based diet is to take it slow. 

When you jump into things too quickly, you tend to feel deprived and when you feel deprived, you end up not sticking with it. 



health benefits of plant based diet