diabetes myths and misconceptions

9 Important Diabetes Myths and Misconceptions You Need To Know

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Among the major chronic disease that affects people, worldwide diabetes also called sugar diabetes is the most myth and misinformation.

Here are 9 important diabetes myths and misconceptions you need to know about diabetes, accompanied by the actual facts about the disease.

1) Diabetes is contagious:

No, it isn’t. You may have become diabetic probably from an inherited tendency and may pass it on to your children. But didn’t get it nor can you give it to others?

2) You get diabetes by eating too much sugar:

No, you don’t. Sugar on its own doesn’t cause diabetes. Although, it has an effect on your blood sugar levels.

3) The medication your doctor gives you will cure diabetes:

No, they won’t. Researchers and scientists are studying hard recently to find a cure; a lot of positive results are coming out. Your blood sugar levels can be controlled and brought to near normal with diet, exercise, and drugs.

4) The disease will go away by itself with time:

No, it won’t. Even when symptoms do not present especially if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you still have and still need to work at controlling it.

Even when your symptoms disappear because your diabetes is well–controlled, you still have diabetes.

5) Type 1 diabetes is worst than type 2 diabetes, and type 2 can turn into type 1 diabetes if you don’t take care of yourself:

Neither of these is true. Although both have some similar symptoms but type 1 and type 2 diabetes are two separate conditions.

6) I have a “ slight touch” of diabetes, I won’t worry about it:

Wrong thoughts. You either have diabetes or you don’t. However, if you do have diabetes, the disease is there and you need to treat it.

7) Diabetics are sickly people and you can’t expect them to do a lot of physical activity:

No, they aren’t. In fact, most diabetics with well-controlled blood sugar levels are often more physically fit than the average person and take part in various exercise activities.

8) Diabetics can never touch alcohol:

Yes, you can but in moderation.

9) A diabetic woman who is pregnant is looking for trouble, she could die:

Pregnant women who are diabetic have the same chance of getting through pregnancy in good shape and also deliver a healthy child as non – diabetic.

Here you have it: 9 Diabetes myths and misconceptions to inform you more about diabetes condition and how it affects you or others.

9 important diabetes myths and misconceptions you need to know